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Kimmy Schmidt Describes Last Semester Senior Year

A college senior going into their last semester has a lot of mixed feelings. So what better way to explain them with the one and only Kimmy Schmidt?

Going into the semester with high hopes that it will all go well and you won’t  fail any classes and get stuck with another semester


You’ll notice small things you didn’t see before about your campus that make you love it a little more


But you’re kind of glad you don’t have to deal with annoying/rude underclassmen anymore and them asking about off campus parties after this semester


When all of your friends are getting job offers and you’re not while being just as qualified


Handing in your application to graduate like


Still not sure what you want to do just yet, so you’re going through your options.

Honestly, just because it’s Senior year doesn’t mean drama just disappears


And it doesn’t mean that we love all the work that comes with being a senior. We can still be a little lazy.


The stress of senior year can really get to you, so it’s best to reassure yourself that it’s going to all work out

When the semester is over, it will feel like the past four years have flew by


But you’re leaving with a perfect education, no debt, and the dream job right out of college

Just kidding. We still have some sugar to figure out.

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