Innisfree Review

As part of our chapter’s survival kit, we received the “Innisfree” welcome kit which included a face mask, hydrating serum, hydrating eye cream, and hydrating cream. In my kit I tested out the face mask. I appreciate the brand’s use of organic products as I feel safe applying it to not only my skin, but most importantly my face. Many products on the market are beginning to stray away from harsh and unhealthy chemicals, which is important for a positive contribution towards our environment. The face mask was a green tea scented which smelled fresh and left me feeling like I was at a spa. I definitely felt as though the mask was packed with moisture, leaving my skin feeling soft and cleansed. The only negative I have about this product is that the mask had a tendency of sliding down my face. Though, it did not fully ever come off, I had to keep re-adjusting it. I tried this product with one of my fellow Her Campus members and she said she had the same trouble with the mask sliding off. Other than that, I would highly recommend this product to others based off of the hydration of the mask and the company’s promise to sustainability. -Kara


I loved these products! The face mask was extremely hydrating and cooling, and much better quality than most face masks I’ve been trying out lately. It was also easy to mold to the face, which I always appreciate. The intensive hydrating serum was a refreshing second step that, combined with the excess product left on the skin from the mask, left my face feeling dewey and moisturized. The eye cream felt great on the eyes and I felt like it helped a lot with my under eye bags and dark circles, leaving my skin feeling more rejuvenated. The face cream as the last step was a great way to finish off the routine. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth while giving it the moisture it needs. I enjoyed using the products all together, as it was a nice way to take a break and pamper myself more than usual. It encouraged me to add more products into my daily skin care routine so I can keep my skin feeling this nice. I recommend this brand! -Amy


Impressed. That’s what I have to say about the Innisfree sample product. At first, I was overwhelmed by the four-step procedure it told you to follow. First you were instructed to use the green tea mask, then the hydrating serum, the eye cream, and lastly the hydrating lotion. 

Usually I would never apply this many products at once on my face especially if I’m not familiar with it. My skin tends to be very sensitive. I break out easily, get red, and dry if the product is too harsh. I decided to take my chances and see what this could do for my skin since I’ve been frustrated with it lately. All these products had a natural moisturizing sensation when they touched my skin. Nothing stung or irrated my skin. After I applied all the samples I slept with the serums and lotions. 

Next morning, I woke up and my skin was GLOWING. It’s never looked this hydrated and smooth. The redness had significantly gone down and the blemishes that were irritated had been calmed down by this product. Like I said I have sensitive skin and it’s hard for me to be convinced to use something because of all the bad experience I have had. This is something you have to try if this sounds like your skin type! -Brittany