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How to Succeed at Seminar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.

For many of us, seminar is going to be the hardest class we’ll have to take as an undergraduate. It can be really intimating but it’s nothing you can’t handle. We’ve got some words of wisdom that might help you. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to your professor

Feeling lost? You need to talk to your professor. They’re there to help, it’s literally their job. Go in with a question or a concern and maybe you can work through it. Everyone gets lost at some point in the process and that’s okay. You can’t not talk to them. Also don’t be afraid to talk to other professors about your work. They might be able to provide insight if your professor isn’t entirely familiar with the topic.

Play it Safe

When picking a topic for your paper, now is not the time to get out of your comfort zone. This is going to be stressful enough without having to learn about a new topic. Build on what you’ve learnt in other classes. Now might be the time to go deeper into a topic that interested you in a different class.

Don’t take on too much else

Now is not the time to be taking on a new major responsibility. Unless you absolutely have to, try to keep all your other activities lighter. This should be your main focus this semester.

Talk to Your Classmates

Be friendly with people in your class. Not only is it good to be friendly, it’s also going to help you feel less alone in this. You’ll be able to see that others are struggling, you’ll all be able to complain together and they might be able to provide some insight into your work.

Don’t take it too early

Personally, I took it my second semester junior year. I’m now done with my major and I just feel like I’m waiting for college to be over. If I could do it over, I’d wait till senior year. Seminar is like a finale to college. It’s you showing what you can do with the tools you’ve learnt in your major.

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