How to Look Like Your Life Isn’t Falling Apart

You’re tired, got three projects due, a paper or five coming up, friends that still want to hang out with you, and on top of that you’ve got all your issues. The last thing you want to do is get up early and do your hair and make-up and dress like a real person. We get it. But just because you feel like your life is falling apart, doesn’t mean you have to look like it.


White Eyeliner

Put some white eyeliner on your waterline. It’ll add some brightness to the whites of your eyes and you’ll look more awake. 


Some highlighter on your under eye will do wonders. It’ll make your eyes brighter and help cover those bags. It won’t replace the sparkle of your youth but it’s the next best thing.

Just to be clear, this is not a substitute for sleep. Try and get as healthy a sleep schedule as possible. That being said, sometimes you can’t get your eight hours.  So here’s how to combat that dead look in your eyes as you think about your bed.

Go the extra mile

Be it a bold lip or perfectly winged eye liner, still do something extra nice with your make-up. It’s something to look forward to in the morning when you really don’t want to go out.  You’ll look to good not to go out and make people appreciate your beauty.


Hair higher than your GPA

Assuming your hair is long enough; try the hair donut or a sock bun. Using them creates a perfect bun. Getting your hair like that takes less than five minutes and it looks better than just a ponytail. It’ll look like you spent more than five minutes when in reality, you woke up cursing the day you were born because you slept through your alarm again. 

Dry Shampoo

Apply this miracle at night. It can settle into your hair and there won’t be that chalky residue. Your hair will be much better than if you applied it the morning of. Also that’s approximately one more minute you can spend sleeping.   (Note: this isn’t a substitute for showering but sometimes stuff happens.)

Plan your outfits

This will take about five minutes and if you plan for the whole week you’ll be done. Your outfits can be simple but still polished. Putting on jeans will make you look and feel better than having sweatpants on.  In the moment, you’ll want to put sweats on but in the long run you’ll feel better about yourself if you put on something a bit nicer.

For the warmer weather, a dress is a simple way to look like you have your life together.  It’s the least amount of effort one can put into an outfit.

Backpack/bag should match your outfit if you can.

And while you’re picking out the right bag, you should get your bag ready for the next morning too. It’s a small thing and a lot of people probably won’t even notice. But you’re not doing this for other people; you’re doing this for you. And you’ll get a little amount of joy as you remember that your bag doesn’t clash with your outfit before you have to go back to the crushing reality that is your life.

Carry your planner with you.

You can’t use your planner if you don’t have it with you. You’ll even feel like you’ve got it more together, just by having it around. Take it out during class and place it next to your coffee purely for aesthetic reasons but who knows you might actually use it.  

Take a couple minutes to treat yourself

Take a couple minutes out of your schedule and just take some time to yourself. Do an at home facial or paint your nails. While you may feel overwhelmed with all you got going on, you should take a couple moments to relax, and then you can go back to work.  Taking a break from studying will help you in the long run also.


Take care of yourself everyone!