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How Living In A Single Has Changed My View On College

My freshman year of college was not an easy one. I had to balance school work, a job, friends, family, and a relationship all at the same time. it did not help that I went through roommate hell twice! Before coming back to FSU for my sophomore year I knew that I could not live with another random roommate. I hated my freshman year and it was all because of my negative experiences. Thoughts of transferring and dropping out when through my mind, but then I decided that I would not give these people the satisfaction for pushing me out of the only school that I have ever wanted to go to. So this year I live in a single.

Most people think that it is lonely and hard to make friends if you do not have a roommate, but let me tell you that this is the best thing to ever happen to me. I have made so many new friends this year without the help of a roommate. I am able to have my own space where I can do as I please. I am able to study in quite and have whoever I want in my room without asking a roommate if it is okay. Living in a single has changed my whole outlook on college. I actually don’t want to go home every weekend and I don’t dread going back to my room. I am able to relax and enjoy the college experience now that I have my own living space.

Adriana Vaughan

Framingham '22

I'm in love with makeup and dogs.
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