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These past few weeks have been extremely crazy and all over the place in terms of work, school, extra activities, spending time with friends, and making sure to sleep and eat somewhere in there. When people hear my schedule they often ask how I do it and fit it all in, truthfully I do not know, but here are some tips and tricks I use!


  1. Sleep Whenever You Can

The past two weeks I have been working from 6:00am-1:00pm at my internship and then going to class or activities after. I do try and make sure I go to bed quite early, but even then I try to nap when I can during the day. Even if I can lay down for a half hour or an hour I will just to feel refreshed.


  1. Make Sure You Eat Throughout the Day

I know if I get too busy I sometimes forget to eat which causes my energy to drain for the day. I try and bring a few snack bars to work so I can eat them during my break and have them with me if I get stuck somewhere during the day.


  1. Always Have Water With You

Running around everywhere all day, sometimes you can forget to just stop and refuel. It is important to always bring a reusable water bottle with you so that even if you forget to eat you can have the water to give a little refresh.


  1. Spend Time with Yourself

After being around people all day, you might not have had a second to just relax yet. I love having my time at the end of a long day to just lay in bed and watch Netflix.


  1. Don’t be Afraid to Say No to Activities

Your friends will completely understand why you can’t go out all the time. Even if you’re saying no to going out to just spend time alone, they will know how important this is in your busy schedule.

  1. Plan Out Your Time

This sounds extremely strict, but I usually make mine on Excel with nice and bright colors. Planning out your time is especially useful when you have weeks with different scheduling of activities that normally aren’t going on. It really helps to visualize where your time is going for the day.


Rachel Smith

Framingham '18

Former Co-Campus Correspondent; Graduated 2018; Fashion Merchandising Major with Communication Arts Minor; Dance Team, Fashion Club, Her Campus, and Peer Mentor
Graduate from Framingham State University. Communication Arts major, and Writing minor. Former Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Framingham and current After College writer! I'm passionate about tv shows, comedy, music, and cheese fries and take them all very seriously.