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Halloweekend: as Told by Bob’s Burgers

As our Halloweekend festivities wind down, let’s reflect on memories of Halloween past and present.

Halloween as a kid:

Going trick-or-treating and getting pounds of candy.

The pure joy of going to a house and getting a full-sized candy bar.

Halloween in middle school:

Not knowing if you’re too old to trick-or-treat or too young to party.

Always having to explain your costume to people.

Halloween in high school:

Trying to plan group costumes for school events.

Coming up with creative costumes.

Halloweekend in college:

Your first Halloweekend experience as a Freshman…

Getting all dressed up with your friends.


Dancing the night away at a party.

Immediately after Halloween:

Amy Westlund

Framingham '21

Treasurer of Her Campus Framingham, Fashion design major ?
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