Garnier’s “Treats” Hair Masks

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Garnier’s new line of hair treatments include one minute hair masks called “Treats”. With a vegan formula and the masks being suitable for colored hair, the new hair masks are perfect for anyone that wants to use them as either a hair mask, a conditioner, or a leave-in conditioner. 

Our reviewers used four of the five types of hair masks: strengthening banana extract, nourishing coconut extract, smoothing avocado extract, and damage repairing papaya extract. Each of the hair masks provides one major hair helper: strength, nourishment, smoothing, or damage repairing. 

Here’s what our reviewers have to say about the hair masks: 

“My favorite products [of Garnier] were the hair masks because I noticed they made my hair extra soft and shiny” — Katie Dwyer

“I used the hair masks, and I really liked the avocado and papaya ones in specifically. The avocado made my hair softer and it smelt really good, but to be honest it didn’t really help with the frizziness of my hair. The papaya mask was AMAZING. It smelt really good and it made my hair really silky and soft.” — Khemara Chea 

“I was a little skeptical about this [avocado extract hair mask] at first because I’d never even heard of a hair mask before. But after reading the packaging and learning one of the ways you can use it as a conditioner, I thought I’d try it. It had a good smell and it made my hair very easy to brush out after my shower.” — Victoria Bailey 

“I used the Garnier banana extract hair mask. The mask made my hair extremely soft and it almost felt like it made the blondness in my hair pop out even more. 98% of the mask was environmentally friendly and I liked how the smell stayed in my hair for a pretty long time. I also used the rose water on my face. I liked the smell and the way the water felt on my face. I loved how everything was environmentally friendly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.”  —Destiny O’Connell

“I tried out all of the hair masks, and I loved all of them. I can never find products that help my frizzy, damaged hair, and these products really were useful to my everyday shower routine. They calmed my frizzy hair, and made my hair feel smooth and soft.” —Meghan Gogan 

“I used the coconut extract hair mask over the weekend and I loved it. I have thick hair so this totally helped with making my hair smoother and softer. I used to try all different coconut oil products and most of them just made my hair have too much shine and the oil just stayed on the surface of my hair. This hair mask really hydrated my hair and made it easier to style. It's great!” —Rachel Davis

“I tried out a couple of the hair masks! I loved the smell of them and I actually did notice my hair was much softer once it dried.” —Amy Westlund 

“My favorite products we received by far were the 1 minute hair masks. I had never tried a hair mask before, and the concept itself of it being for only one minute was a little weird too, but I ended up being very happy with the results. I applied the Coconut Extract mask as the instructions stated, for a minute or two after I shampooed, and after I then rinsed it out and applied my normal conditioner. The product isn’t a mask as in a face mask, but its more like a very thick cream. I try to use Lush’s hair treatment Hsuan Wen Hua every once in a while, but its expensive so its hard to keep up with. I feel like this is a great alternative. It was easy to apply, smelled nice, actually rinsed out thoroughly, and I could feel a difference in the softness of my hair. I am definitely considering buying the tub version to add to my hair care routine after I test the other treatments.” —Emily McCabe 

“Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask + avocado extract: 5 stars

I used it as a leave-in. It makes my hair soft and smooth and smell nice. I’m surprised that even with the avocado it still makes my hair smell good. It doesn’t have a strong avocado smell like I was expecting, which is good.

Nourishing Treat 1 minute Hair Mask + coconut extract: 5 stars

I used it as a hair mask: It makes my hair smell nice. It leaves my hair soft and smooth, and nourishes it enough.” —Savana Gutierrez

“The two products that I tried from the Garnier package were the banana and avocado conditioners. For starters, I love both of those foods so I was excited to try each conditioner out. Both products smelt amazing and left my hair feeling smoother, softer, and lighter. I appreciated all the natural ingredients that were in the products because a lot of times products contain mostly chemicals, but these two were the opposite. I would definitely recommend these to a friend!” —Kara Swanson 

“I tried the papaya extract damage repair hair mask and really enjoyed what it did to my hair. Typically my ends suffer from breakage that make it dry and frizzy. Once I put this on and rinsed it out my hair instantly felt silky and smooth!” —Brittany Stout  

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