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Fresh Pots: The Coffee Tour

Who loves coffee!? Any coffee lover knows how much fun it is to go explore new little coffee shops they’ve never been to. If you love coffee, here is a little coffee tour of places you should add to your list! 


B Sisters Café

(Photo by Marissa Rousseau)

B Sisters is right around the corner from campus right here in Framingham! It’s the perfect distance to walk to from school and enjoy an afternoon coffee. They have great breakfast/lunch options and amazing crepes! It has a great, relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for a quick trip during a study/homework break!


The Coffee Loft

(Photo from http://www.coffee-loft.com/)

The Coffee Loft is found in Marlborough! It’s a cute little coffee shop that has just recently reopened. It’s has great coffee and desserts; I got tiramisu when I went and it was great! One of my favorite parts about this little shop was the artwork! They had paintings and art hanging on the walls, which I found nice to look at while I enjoyed my coffee.


The Thinking Cup

(Photo from https://www.thrillist.com/venue/eat/boston/restaurants/thinking-cup)

The Thinking Cup can be found in three different locations: Newbury, Tremont and Hanover St in Boston! This place has a very cool vibe with its historic photos, newspaper printed tables and vintage décor. It is a great hang out spot in the city and has really good coffee and pastries. I highly suggest trying their cream puffs!


Sudbury Coffee Works

(Photo from https://foursquare.com/v/sudbury-coffee-works/4ab39a6df964a520d96d20e3/photos)

Sudbury Coffee Works can be found in, obviously, Sudbury, which is not too far from Framingham! This cute little shop is great for a coffee and meal with their breakfast and lunch options! I really loved this place, because they even have flavored coffee beans that you can purchase in bags to bring home and grind your beans yourself!


The Valley Bean

(Photo from their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thevalleybean/photos/a.2037135026505832.1073741827.2037133556505979/2111636262389041/?type=3&theater)

The Valley Bean can be found in my little hometown of Uxbridge! It just recently opened in the past year and has great coffee! They have many flavors to choose from! It is a nice, small local place to visit if you are ever passing through the area!



(Photo from https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g41769-d4136592-i177687142-Dotties_Coffee_Lounge-Pittsfield_Massachusetts.html)

Dottie’s can be found all the way out west in Pittsfield! It’s a really nice little place with good coffee and a great lounging area. If you ever take a trip out to western mass it is a great shop to check out downtown!


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