Everyone Should Own Plants. Here's Why:

If you can’t tell by my bio, I like plants. In fact, dare I say it, I love plants. My 14 plants give me so much happiness and below are some reasons why I think you too should own plants. 


The décor 

Plants can add so much to your bedroom or dorm, giving it life and a fresh feel. Bringing the outside in can help you pretend it’s a nice summer day, just in your room. And they come in so many colors so if you don’t like green you can get purple succulents or colorful orchids. I like to have the feeling of my room be peaceful and welcoming and my plants are a key part of that.

Taking care of them 

Many people don’t like plants because they’re afraid they’re going to kill them. But thankfully there are so many hard-to-kill plants to choose from that are so beautiful. One of my favorite plants that does not require much attention at all is my snake plant. Mine is the largest plant in my dorm, standing at 2 feet tall and it’s such a statement peace for my room. Even huge plants can be easy to take care of. And taking care of your plants gives you motivation and something to care about. When one of my plants dies, I die a little inside, so keeping them alive gives me purpose and makes me so proud and happy to see them flourish.

There’s so many to choose from 

I may have 14 plants, but that is nowhere near enough for me. There are so many different kinds that can bring so many different colors and elements into your living space. No matter your level of expertise on plants, there will be one that is a good fit for you whether it be a snake plant, a peace lily or something as hard as an orchid, there’s always a plant for you out there.

So, go out there and choose a plant, one that speaks to you. One that you know is going to be your baby that you can take care of. Don’t have your first plant be an orchid because if it ends up dying (like mine is) it’ll discourage you from buying more. Start easy with a z-z plant or a snake plant and slowly build your collection. Soon enough you’ll be addicted, wanting to create an indoor jungle like me.