Everyday Breakfast Club

Sometimes you wish every day could be Halloween so you could put on any costume you want and become anything you want. Since Halloween is over you might get some weird looks if you wear that unicorn onesie out of your dorm, but hey, it looks warm so no judgement here!

If you would rather keep celebrating Halloween in a more discrete way I’ve put together some outfits here from one of our favorite movies, The Breakfast Club! Here are some subtle looks that you could wear in your everyday life!

The Athlete 

For this outfit I knew I wanted to copy his athletic top with the varsity jacket. I also chose the light wash jeans and white sneakers because they matched closely with the original costume. This look could absolutely be worn in everyday life without anyone calling you out for wearing a costume.

The Princess

This outfit was not as exact as I wanted. The skirt she wears in the movie is a long brown one that is patterned, but to take it to everyday life you could wear it with a brown suede skirt or this denim skirt that I used. You of course have to include the brown riding boots and pink shirt if you have them! To finish off the look pair it with a white or light colored scarf that fits pretty closely to the neck.

The Criminal

If you're going to be duplicating this outfit you definitely have to have the red flannel! In the movie Bender wears jeans with a jean jacket so go ahead and throw that on. The combat boots are also very important to complete the look. The costume in the movie also includes a trench coat so you could include that if you have one handy.

The Basket Case

This look was somewhat difficult to style because she really tries to cover up and hide herself so there is never really a full shot of her costume. The base I started with was a long gray and black patterned skirt and a long sleeve black sweater. Next she wears a scarf so I kept it muted with navy and black tones. In the movie she is never without her gray backpack so I used my black mini backpack for the same effect. On her feet she wears black shoes paired with chunky white socks which I tried to duplicate.

The Brain

For this costume in the movie he wears khakis, a green crew neck, and big blue sneakers. I decided to switch it up a bit using my light pink jeans, a dark green cardigan, and my light gray and white sneakers. This is a kind of more girlie take on the outfit from the movie.

Feel free to make these looks your own and incorporate them into your daily wardrobe or just for Halloween! And remember to own your style and “spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people”.