The Donut Tour

Now we aren’t talking about Dunkin’ Donuts cause let’s face it, there are many places that have way better donuts. And to express our love for donuts, we give you the donut tour, consisting of all our favorite places to go enjoy a frosted treat!



You can find Kane’s in Saugus or Boston, MA! Kane’s is a small little place that always gets crazy crowded in the mornings. They have really fun and interesting flavors. All the workers are so nice and quick so you can get out. There are only a few tables to sit at and a small parking lot, but there’s plenty of street parking around. I’ve heard they make good coffee too! (Written by Rachel Smith)



You can find Blackbird in Boston, MA! Blackbird has a good variety of traditional and unique flavors, some of which rotate seasonally. Donuts are huge for fair price. They even have donut ice cream sandwiches! No matter if it’s a donut or drink everything tastes fantastic! (Written by Amanda Luciano)


Wicked Mini Donuts

Wicked Mini Donuts in York Maine is pretty good! They have a bunch of different flavors and since they are mini you can try a lot of flavors. (Written by Rachel Davis)


The Holy Donut

You can find The Holy Donut in Portland, ME! These donuts are not your average donut, they have a special ingredient: mashed potatoes! This may sound strange, but I can assure you once you try a potato donut there’s no going back. This was honestly the best donut I’ve ever had and now I think that every donut should be made out of potatoes! (Written by Marissa Rousseau)


PV Donuts

You can find PV Donuts in Providence, RI! This was a small little place around the corner from the Providence Place Mall that has huge donuts with all sorts of flavors. I tried their Dunkaroos donut and it was really good! When I visited there was a line out the door and parking down the street, but the wait wasn’t too long! (Written by Marissa Rousseau)