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Cheap Gifts for Broke College Students

Christmas is right around the corner! And if you are a broke college student, here are a few suggestion for cheap gifts to get your friends:


Fuzzy Socks

Everyone loves fuzzy socks! It’s getting cold outside, keep your piggies warm!


Hot Chocolate Jars

Get yourself a cheap mason jar and fill it with some hot chocolate and marshmallows! You can even add in candy canes for some mint hot chocolate or any other toppings you can think of!


 Framed pictures

Pick out a cute photo of you and your buddy and frame it! You could even decorate the frame!


Coffee Mugs

Find your friend a cute coffee mug. You could fill it with candy to give them something a little extra!


Coloring book

You can get your friend a coloring book and colored pencils! It is a good stress reliever!


Homemade gifts

Look up DYI crafts or projects, everyone loves homemade gifts!

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