Avocaderia: The Restaurant and CookBook for Avocado Lovers

Avocaderia is the world’s first ever all avocado restaurant located in Brooklyn, NY. It all started with a piece of avocado toast. In 2010, one of the CEO’s, Alessandro, had eaten avocado toast for the first time. This experience would later change his view and attitude on avocados.

Years later, he became interested in the idea of developing a restaurant that served fast, casual, and healthy food that made people feel good. His thoughts were shared with his best friend who fell in love with the idea and their journey began. Soon enough, three italian men had the goal to start an all avocado restaurant that would later become a hit in New York. The trio decided to start an Instagram page to see the interest of others on the idea. Before they knew it, they were famous before they even served one dish.

After opening day, they ran out of avocados in just 90 minutes. Today, they use about 2,000 avocados per week. In 2018, they released their own cookbook, Avocaderia, containing items coming straight from their menu. If you’re looking for a healthy cookbook and you love avocados, Avocaderia is the cookbook for you. Avocaderia ranges from breakfast to desserts (yes, you can incorporate avocados in desserts) to drinks and so much more.

If you can’t make the trip to New York to test out Avocaderia, I highly suggest buying the cookbook for a healthier, happier diet!