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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Framingham chapter.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is officially getting a sequel, and it inspired me to kinda write my own letter to all the boys I’ve ever loved before (I mean had a crush on).


Dear all the boys I’ve loved before, I always wondered why you never liked me back. Some of you know who you are. Maybe it was because I was always too shy and we never really talked much. And to the ones who I have talked to, maybe we just didn’t get to know each other enough. Sometimes I think maybe you were just out of my league, and maybe I wasn’t pretty enough for you or not popular enough. But now I know that that’s not true. It was probably because I wasn’t confident enough and I’m too shy.

Sometimes I still think about why I used to spend so much time thinking about you, and what it would be like if we were together. Just to get my heart broken because you never liked me back or you rejected me or you led me on. And to the ones who did like me back, I wonder why you just decided you didn’t want to talk to me anymore ?!?! Because I know it’s not because there’s something wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m cute, funny, pretty, sweet, I know how to flirt, I’m chill, I don’t get mad easily, I’m not the jealous type, I would make the best girlfriend. We had a lot in common. I would do whatever you want pretty much. I would never cheat on you. I’m not crazy, even though some of you might think I am. And this letter might make me sound crazy. I hope it doesn’t, I just wrote this for all the girls or people who can relate to this.

Some guys just don’t realize how perfect we would be together.


2 C’s



3 J’s

2 S’s

The truth is that most of you probably didn’t deserve for me to like you so much because you treated me so badly or you just ignored me, which I think is worse. But some of you it’s not your fault that I liked you. You were just cute and funny and we had stuff in common. And either I never told you that I liked you or I did and I just missed my chance. Maybe it’s my fault because I put guys on a pedestal, but just the cute ones.

I’ve heard from somewhere that if a crush lasts for more than 4 months then it’s true love. All my “crushes” have lasted more than 4 months. But I also heard that love is mutual and if someone doesn’t love you back than you’re just obsessed. So I guess I’ve never been in love before, but sometimes obsession really feels like love.

I guess the reason I obsess so much over celebrity guys is because it’s more fun to be in love with a celebrity because they’ll never break your heart. They’re also more talented and successful than you’ll ever be and more deserving of my admiration. Which is why I’d rather obsess over them than ever think about you. I probably wouldn’t obsess over celebrities as much if I had my own boyfriend.​


Ariana Grande is grateful for her ex. I guess I’m still grateful for my ex-crushes. Ariana says, one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain. All of you taught me all 3 of those things.


To my future soulmate… Where are you? Where have you been all my life? Will I ever meet you? Do I already know you? When will I find you? Am I going to be alone forever?

To all the boys I ever loved before… I’m over you. None of you will probably read this and I know if you did, you probably wouldn’t read the whole thing. But that’s okay because this isn’t really for you. It’s to all the girls and all the other people who can relate to this. To all the people who ever loved before.

Love, Savana xoxo

P.S. to all the people who can relate. Btw I didn’t write this to sound crazy. I just wanted to write something a little different than what I usually write. Something more deep. I’ve read other articles on Her Campus that were kinda like this and I really liked them. And I just felt like sharing my feelings. I hope you liked my letter and don’t think I’m crazy. I promise I’m not. And I hope this didn’t ruin my chances with guys in the future. It just feels nice to let out your feelings.

And never think you’re not good enough for someone because you are. Writing this makes me feel like Helga G. Pataki writing in her diary about how much she hates and yet… loves Arnold. Lol


Savana Gutierrez

Framingham '21

Fashion Design graduate at Framingham State University.