30 Things We’re All Thinking During Finals Week From Boy Meets World

1. What we’re all thinking

2. What we think we’re gonna do

3. What we’re actually gonna do

4. Because in reality there is just too much to study

5. And we’d rather be doing this

6. Or this

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7. Or this

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8. Or even this

9. Or just anything but studying

10. But no really we should study

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11. Even though it’s a real workout

12. And we might have to stay up all night to do it

13. And it might drive us insane

14. And when it comes down to the day of the test

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15. But that’s okay because even our professors understand

16. Or at least they better understand or else we might kill them if they don’t give us a passing grade

17. Finals are almost here, so think real hard

18. Even if you feel like you can’t19. Because we all know you don’t remember anything you learned this semester

20. So go grab a study buddy

21. And some books, there might even be too much, that you need somebody to carry them for you

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22. ‘Cause we’re all in this together

23. And grab some cake because you need something to ease all the stress

24. Because if you’re too stressed you might wanna quit

25. No matter how hard you try you might still feel like you’re not fully prepared, and you might even need to borrow a pencil

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26. And when you’re taking the exam and you’re doing the multiple choice, you just wish you had this little person in your head that would tell you...

27. So you would know which were the wrong answers and which ones were right

28. But there’s not. So just try your best and believe in yourself

29. Because even if you don’t do as good as you expected its okay

(Giphs from https://gfycat.com/ImpartialUnsungIndianpalmsquirrel)

30. Because we believe in you and we’re not giving up on you

Now go home and open a book

Or not