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Instagram has become quite dangerous for my window shopping habits. I no longer have to walk down 5th avenue to fall in love with pieces far out of my price range; I can just mindlessly scroll through my feed instead! While I won’t be buying any of these necessarily, window shopping (via Instagram, of course) gives me so much fashion inspiration and I couldn’t help but share my top 6 finds. 

Full disclaimer: I didn’t do any research about these brands regarding sustainability or ethical sourcing, these are simply my favorites and I wanted to share!! 

Rua Carlota

Despite living in NYC where fashion revolves around neutrals during the winter, I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot more color into my wardrobe this season. In general, I just think color really makes an outfit stand out and just makes everything more fun. This set? No exception. The only downfall is the $350+ price tag.

Public Desire

THESE BOOTS. I’m absolutely in love. They’re perfect for any winter outfit and they just look so comfortable for walking around Manhattan for hours on end, even in cold weather. Keeping to the theme of a colorful wardrobe this season, the yellow does have my heart, but the black would make literally any outfit look chic.


$650 for a shirt does not quite fit into my college student budget, but if it did, this would be my first purchase. I’m so in love with all of the layering options that this shirt brings for any season. My favorite thing about fashion is finding pieces that are as unique as possible and I can honestly say I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere.

House of Sunny

I honestly did see this dress for the first time on Tik Tok, but when I saw it on my Instagram feed, I drooled all over again. My favorite part about it is undoubtedly the fabric choice which is just so different from anything else you would normally see. And bonus points for the color, of course. This whole dress is just magical, without being over the top all at the same time.

Lisa Says Gah

I’ll take this entire outfit, please and thank you. The colors are obviously so well suited for each other, as are the patterns, but my favorite part about this look is honestly the low back of the dress. Attention to detail is one of my favorite things about this fit, and honestly the brand as a whole.


If you have an Instagram feed at all similar to mine, you’ve seen this versatile top about 500 times, worn in a different way each time and always styled to absolute perfection. I definitely have some reservations about the fact that it really does just look like a knitted piece of fabric, but when styled right, this piece is flawless. This monochrome green fit with the mix of knit and iridescent pants has to be my favorite styling choice in this article.

10/10 would definitely recommend window shopping through Instagram as long as you know the dangers of wanting to buy every item you come across. If nothing else, scrolling through Instagram and looking at different brands gives me so much inspiration that I can then take to my closet or the thrift store to try to re-imagine to fit my own style. Depop is also a great place to look for any specific brands that tend to be a little on the pricier side. Overall, hope you enjoyed this collection of wishlist items and hope you’re able to find some of your own inspiration from your Instagram feed, even if none of the items factor into your college budgeting!

Hi! I'm a sophomore at Fordham University Rose Hill. I'm double majoring in Sociology and Anthropology with a double minor in Fashion Studies and Latin American Studies. I absolutely love traveling, photography, fashion, NYC, and most importantly: self-care!
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