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Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the Year, Stylista of the Week

Taylor Swift is one of those polarizing celebrities. People either love her in a moony, obsessive, cry-at-her-concerts way; OR they deeply despise everything that she is and everything that she stands for.

One thing fans and foes around the world can likely agree on, however, is that Taylor’s got style. She’s evolved from the country princess era of bejeweled tulle and personalized cowgirl boots into a true fashion icon.
Lauded by both high-fashion critics and collegiettes™ alike, Taylor has a wearable, lady-like sense of style. Taylor is known for embracing her naturally curly hair and fearlessly sporting heels despite her 5’11” frame. Taylor encourages girls to accept what makes them beautiful, but still take risks with their wardrobes.
Taylor Swift has style that almost every collegiette™ can emulate. Here are a few key trends that Taylor is constantly sporting, so collegiettes™ can mimic her picture-perfect style.

 Taylor brings fresh, clean lines to this feminine trend. She always manages to stun in lace, wearing it traditionally and adorably. On two totally different occasions, Taylor sports the lace trend; first she wears a simple white frock, and then wows at the Met ball in a nude and black lace gown. Taylor uses lace in unexpected and totally unique ways. Lace is everywhere now, and it’s an easy way to add sophistication to any outfit.  Collegiettes™ can find lace dresses, skirts, shirts, tights, and even hair accessories in lace, so there’s no excuse for not attempting to incorporate this trend into a daily ensemble.

It’s hard not to immediately associate Taylor Swift with sparkles. Her signature guitar is rhinestone-encrusted, and her concerts are an exercise in incorporating glitter in all possible outlets.  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, sparkles are a festive option for Christmas and New Year’s parties. Taylor wears both subtle sparkles and over-the-top glittering ensembles, but both can work as inspiration for holiday outfits.

Taylor has departed from her infamous footwear, trading in western-inspired boots for heeled oxfords. Taylor combines the prim oxford heels with tights, skirts, and warm peacoats. This is a perfect trend for east-coasters to imitate. Instead of getting stuck in the leggings and and boots rut, follow Taylor’s example in a sweet pair of heeled oxfords and warm tights. It will instantly class up any outfit.

Red Lip

Lately, Taylor has rarely been seen without a flawless bright red lip. She’s been quoted as saying it’s the one cap to an outfit that makes her feel totally glamorous. Taylor daringly pairs red lips with other colored ensembles. She wears a red lip with classic black and white ensembles as well. Taylor is a perfect example of how fairer-skin girls can sport a classic red lip without looking like they’re about to star in a musical.

Defined waist 

After years of potato-sack dresses and billowing boho blouses, it’s inexpressibly refreshing to see more structural pieces coming back on the fashion scene. Taylor excellently exemplifies one of the most flattering trends: the defined waist. Whether accenting a dress with a metallic belt or simply cinching her waist with a bow, Taylor achieves a perfect sillouhette by emphasizing her slim waistline. The defined waist creates a universally flattering shape. Accenting your ribcage is the key to an hourglass figure, as it highlights the smallest part of your body.

For more tips on how to mimick Taylor's style, visit dressliketaylor.net. 

Claire Cumberland is a sophomore at Fordham University in the Bronx. A communications major, she doesn’t have a singular idea about what she wants to do with her life, but hopes to dabble in many different things before stumbling upon her dream job. She enjoys reading, writing, walking her dog Scout, going to thrift stores, watching television, painting her nails, getting internships, online shopping, and color coding things. Claire has interned at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity for childhood cancer established in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA. She also interned at Sesame Workshop as a production intern for The Electric Company, a popular show on PBS. Claire is currently involved in Global Outreach at Fordham University and is an anchor for Fordham Nightly News.
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