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Getting your ears pierced at any age is both exciting yet nerve-wracking – all the more reason to get them done!   

Bye-bye Claire’s and hello Studs! Studs is Claire’s cooler, more grown-up sister – gone are the days of piercings with a gun and not so cute jewelry. The atmosphere at Studs is cool, laid back, and very welcoming. The brightly colored store has an array of jewelry options and different styles of “ear-scapes” and piercing placements to choose from. It’s tough to pick just one – trust me.   

They offer both walk-ins and appointments, both of which fill up fast. While waiting to get seen, you are offered water (sparkling or still), or even a CBD Recess to make the process that much easier.   

There’s a more limited jewelry style for specific kinds of piercings but they assured me that once healing is over, swapping it out for something more “you” is perfectly doable.    

Then you’re met with a piercer who goes through the process of picking both jewelry and placement with you. After my decision of placement and jewelry (I decided on getting a rook) I was asked to fill out my waiver and Studs profile on an iPad while my earring was getting sterilized. Afterward, I was called into a piercing room, that was again, very minimalist, comforting and sterile.  

They’re extremely knowledgeable about what they’re doing and will ensure that you’re well-prepped and extremely sterile before the piercing. My piercer, Becca, talked me through the process and even gave me a cute stress ball.   

Overall, the experience was great and I’d say their prices are justified, not too cheap and not too expensive. Finding an appointment time was hard as it books up quickly, but Studs has just opened their second shop in the Hudson Yards area. Be on the lookout for them and try it out if you’re feeling brave!

Alex Go

Fordham '22

I'm an international and transfer student at Fordham University. I'm a Sociology major and hopefully minoring in Marketing! I grew up in Manila, Philippines and I love to travel (and eat!). Follow me on my instagram @golexi.
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