Staying In Touch With Friends From Home

Staying connected to friends from home might be one of the biggest struggles of college. Before I came to college, I was terrified that I would lose my very best friend in the world once we weren’t living ten minutes apart anymore. Abby and I have been best friends since pre-school and we vowed not to let the distance ruin our friendship. Even though it’s hard, there are a few easy ways to stay connected to friends from home, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart. 

The easiest way to juggle your college life and your home life is by making a schedule. Talk to your friends from home and see if there is a time that is best for both of you to video chat! I know that I try to call my friends from home at least once every two weeks. This way you are able to stay in touch fairly regularly, without even having to travel!

Another way to stay in touch with your friends from home is by sending letters. I love getting handwritten letters in the mail and having something tangible from my best friend always makes the distance seem smaller. You can even send one letter around to all of your friends and let everyone have a chance to write about it, sort of like a group chat! 

The third way to stay close with friends at home is to really utilize breaks. Sometimes your break and your friend's break don’t line up enough for you two to spend a week together, but if both of you are home at the same time, even just for one night, make it a priority to see each other. You don’t have to do anything fancy, maybe just watch movies and have a girls night like you used to do before college! 

Distance can strain friendships, but if you truly care about your friends from home, there is a way to maintain that relationship even while you’re both at college. Make sure that you are putting in the time and effort that your friend deserves, and push yourself to stay in touch, even if you’re busy. Your friend will really appreciate hearing from you, and it will make them feel even closer to you despite the distance.