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Staying Motivated to Workout in College

We’ve all been there- midterms are kicking our butts, the weather is starting to get colder, and our motivation to go to the gym is beginning to fizzle out. It’s easy to let yourself slip into a slump during the colder months. We’ve collected a few tips on staying motivated during the school year:

  1. Go first thing in the morning: or as early as you can go. I get it, the idea of dragging yourself out of bed at an ungodly hour is unappealing, but going to the gym first thing in the morning will kickstart your day and leave you feeling recharged and energetic. In addition, as the day drags on, the chances of you going to the gym gets slimmer and slimmer.

  2. Sign up for classes or go with a friend:  Going to the gym by yourself may be daunting, but going with a friend or taking a class removes that fear. Classes are fun and engaging, with instructors motivating you as you workout, and having a workout buddy holds you accountable. No one wants to be the one who cancels last minute or oversleeps, so you’re more likely to stick to your gym regime.

  3. Buy cute workout clothes: There’s no better feeling than sporting your new pair of lulus- but what better place to wear them than the gym? New workout clothes makes me feel more confident, encouraging me to go to the gym and show them off.

  4. Make a workout routine that you like: Don’t run yourself down! Create a workout routine that leaves you feeling good, not dead. It’s good to push yourself in the gym, but you don’t need to push your body to its limit every day. That will leave you tired and sore, making you not want to keep hitting the gym. Try planning out what you are going to do before heading to the gym. Walking in with a set plan will result in a more effective workout session.

  5. Variation is key: Don’t do the same thing every single day! You’ll get bored with your workout routine super fast if you stick to the same routine every day. Have fun with it! Switch up the type of cardio you do, or try adding some weighted exercises to your ab routine. Cardio may not be your bff and that’s OK. Try different cardio machines, like the elliptical or bike, and incorporate them into your routine.

  6. Set realistic goals: Set personal goals, both short and long term. These goals don’t have to be focused around losing weight, rather it can be about increasing your mileage, gradually increasing your lifting weight, or doing 20 more crunches. Setting goals will keep you motivated, and there’s nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off!

  7. Stay positive: It’s extremely important to have a good relationship with exercise. If you view it as a chore or a punishment, you’re less more likely to convince yourself to skip the gym. Having a positive view on exercise will allow you to have fun with it.

  8. Endorphins: The feeling after you workout is so good! Those endorphins leave you feeling energized and awake. Working out also helps to relieve stress and clear your head, especially when you’re stressing for a big exam. Here’s a tip: Look over note cards or notes for your test while walking on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike.

Kristen is a freshman at Fordham University. She is an Economics major on the pre-law track. She loves coffee, music, and fashion. When she's not reading or writing articles, you can find her grabbing a slice on Arthur Ave with friends, hitting the gym, or binging on the latest season of Scandal.
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