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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

At last! After a pandemic winter that for many of us felt like lasted forever, the spring fever is more intense than ever. Here are 6 perfect Spring tracks to add to your playlists as we enter spring.

“Mystery of Love” by Sufjan Stevens

Chamber Pop artist Sufjan Stevens introduced released this track on the Call Me By Your Name (2017, dir. Guadagnino) soundtrack. What makes this track so appealing for the springtime is the gentle mandolin riff the song opens with. The rest of the song carries this light and airy attitude with it until the very end. Stevens not only crafted the narrative of a first love in lyrics, but through instrumentation as well. Put on this track on a warm spring morning while you drink your cup of coffee.

“Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys

With the anxieties and seasonal depression of winter gone, The Beach Boys tell us to dissolve our worries in one of the most classic hits of all time. This song feels like walking outside on the first 60-degree day of the year. How can you not feel peak happiness and calmness while lead singer Brian Wilson literally sings “Don’t worry, baby/ Everything will turn out all right” in your ear? I recommend putting this track on repeat when you’re rocking back and forth with finals week anxiety.

“Sundress” by A$AP Rocky

A$AP released this high-energy single powered by sunshine and vibes in 2018. His falsetto vocalizations punctuate the song throughout and give the listener something fun and repetitive to sing along to. The high energy makes it almost impossible to resist getting up and dancing your worries away. As many of us are breaking out our sundresses for the first time in forever, this is the most fitting song imaginable.

“Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

The title track of Musgraves iconic 2018 album, this another anthem that encourages us to lighten up and forget our troubles. Musgraves’s acoustic guitar playing paired with the electric guitar riff perfectly blend the old and the new of country and pop. Throw this song on at golden hour when you’re with someone you love.

“Northern Downpour” by Panic! At the Disco

That’s right, we’re going back to many of your middle-school “emo” phases with this track. While spring brings sunshine, it just as often brings a downpour of rain. Instead of being disappointed by a day of rain, songwriter Ryan Ross uses a series of nonsensical metaphors to embrace the storm. What’s so distinct about this song is a longing for the good feelings to last forever (“Hey moon, please forget to fall down”), which is how many of us feel while the scorching heat of summer approaches to end spring. This optimistic tune is perfect for sunny and rainy days alike.

“Then She Appeared” by XTC

Your dad may have thrown this on in the car once or twice. From British band XTC which emerged from the punk and new wave scenes in the 80’s, XTC captures the feeling of love at first sight in this experimental tune. Particularly, the distinct vocals of lead singer Andrew Partridge which warp and wane over the band’s harmonization, the upbeat drums, and the chorus of guitars. I recommend this tune for when we inevitably all get vaccinated, re-enter society, and fall in love with strangers we will never see again.

Emma Hodgson is a sophomore at Fordham University studying Communications and Culture. As an avid music listener, especially of classic rock, she tends to find the 60s as the most interesting decade and is always looking to draw parallels from the past to today.