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Rachel Aguilar, GSB ’15


Name: Rachel Aguilar

Flava Name: Teal

Single or Taken: Taken and loving it!          

Major: Finance and Information Systems. It’s not as boring as it sounds – promise!

Why she picked Fordham: It was between NYU Stern and Gabelli. At the NYU open house, the dean of the business school said “Look to your right, look to your left. Next year one of these people won’t be here with you.” I was excited but definitely intimidated to go to such a cut throat school. When I went to Fordham’s open house to cross the school off the list, Dean Rapaccioli literally held my hands and said “Look to your right, look to your left. Make sure these students are with you every step of the way.” Hearing the same phrase in two different contexts made me completely reconsider my college choice. I knew that I wanted to be part of a tighter knit community and ultimately the Fordham Family! #noregrets

Campus Involvement: In addition to Flava, I volunteer at the Bronx High School of Law and Finance, helping high school students with the college application process. I’m also a Eucharistic minister and love to hang out with members of FUPAC (Fordham University Philippine American Club) and the GBHP (Global Business Honors Program).                

Who is your celebrity crush? No one. I don’t really care enough to obsess over someone’s life when they don’t even know I exist – no matter how good looking the media portrays him or her to be.

What’s one thing you don’t understand about the opposite sex? Why do you go out just to stand by the bar and awkwardly hold a beer? Where’s the fun in that? Where’s the dancing?!

What she is looking for in a significant other: Intelligence. Versatility (can hang with all types of crowds). Wit. Easy-going personality. Goal-driven!

Your dream guy/girl can’t dance. As a Flava member, is this a deal breaker or can you get over it? Dance ability doesn’t matter to me; love is it! Besides, it gives us a reason to spend extra time together and work on our moves ;)

What’s your hidden talent? I’m kick ass at Simon Says.

What’s your favorite thing about Flava (Fordham University’s only hip-hop team on campus)? As cliché as it sounds, it’s all about the people. I actually don’t like to dance. I freak out whenever I have to think about expressing myself with my body and there have been many times when the choreography was too difficult for me to pick up on the first try. Dancing is a nice hobby and a good form of exercise, but I wouldn’t be at rehearsal four hours a day and five days a week if it wasn’t for my team members and the shenanigans we get ourselves into.

The Flava showcase is April 12. What is the one thing you are most excited about with the showcase? You feel like a rock star when you first get on stage. Many of our family members and Flava alumni come to the showcase and cheer us on so it’s great to feel (and hear) their support. The noise, coupled with the insane lighting system, professional RedBull DJ, and huge audience (we usually sell out the gym so buy your tickets ASAP) are the perfect components to an adrenaline rush right before performing. 

If you could only dance to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? Gloria Estefan – Conga. Everybody could use a good ’80s dance hit.

Life motto: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. 



Join Flava for their Spring showcase on April 12th. Tickets go on sale April 7th. 

Alyssa is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies, and a minor in Spanish. With career goals ranging from digital editor at a major women's magazine, to writing a best selling young adult novel, she has put her skills to the test in many different areas of the communications field. 
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