Pajamas, But Make It Fashion

At the beginning of each school year, I always tell myself that I’ll actually get dressed for class every morning. But, every year around the third week of 8:30am classes, I’ve usually given up on trying to look nice. I love dressing up, even just for class, but too quickly each time I reach a point where rolling out of bed into something comfortable is my main priority. With the Fall season soon bringing colder temperatures, comfortable outfits are going to be even more necessary to get to class. Luckily, recent fashion trends are doing their part to help motivate us. Here are some fun ways to wear PJs to class, all while getting people to compliment your outfit at the same time:

  1. 1. Blazers...with just about anything else!

    You may want to roll out of bed in sweatpants, but if you add a simple, oversized, thrifted blazer, it’ll look like you spent hours working on your color-coordinated outfit, even if it only took 5 minutes.

  2. 3. Two T-Shirts Are Better Than One: Layering Edition

    As the temperature starts to drop, long sleeves are a go-to, especially for class when you want to feel extra cozy. Layer a long sleeve top under your favorite graphic tee to feel extra comfy, warm, and stylish!

  3. 4. Biker Shorts

    While everyone, myself included, seemed a little skeptical of the new trend when it first arrived, after a full hot girl summer of biker shorts, I think I’m finally on board. Best part? Biker shorts don’t seem to be going anywhere this fall, just add a bold sweatshirt on top and you’ll be both on trend, and ready for a nap!

  4. 5. Lingerie?

    The idea of the slip dress originated from nightgowns, but that doesn’t mean pairing one with a neutral shirt underneath isn’t adorable for the daytime. Any color, size, or style of slip dress paired with a t-shirt is bound to be comfortable and cute all at the same time. Add some tights or a long sleeve shirt for the colder months, and you’ll feel even cozier!

  5. 6. Your Favorite Lived-In Sweatshirt

    You probably thought that you needed to take off that super comfy sweatshirt that you wore to bed in order to look good for class, but think again! Pair a cropped sweatshirt with some comfy loose jeans or pants with your favorite pair of shoes and you’ll be able to rock that sweatshirt you only wear for naps, anytime!

Hopefully, some of these outfit ideas will keep you motivated to stay stylish, despite all of your dreaded morning classes. Yes, of course, we all need a real sweatpants day, but by adding a few accessories, you can actually wear sweatpants to class every day without getting a second glance from anyone!