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One of the many benefits of living in New York City is that you will never be left hungry; on every street, there is at least one restaurant or a hot dog stand. As we transition into spring, my parents decided to take a trip up to the city for the weekend. The comfortable weather made the our experience even more enjoyable!

For a Saturday, chill brunch vibe, we went to Café Dante in West Village. The brunch deal is on weekends from 10 am – 4 pm, which is a decent time period for any busy city girl. The indoor and outdoor seating was covered in green, emphasizing a ‘natural’ theme. This legendary café, established in 1915, is known for its small plates and delicious drinks. The updated historic setting, mixed with fast service, made it a great place to start off a weekend with my parents. 

After walking around to digest everything we’d inhaled, we stopped at our hotel for a bit– a post-brunch nap is always needed. For dinner, we headed to STK Midtown. The vibe was a movie scene–a live DJ playing the hottest, current hits, a huge bar in the middle of the restaurant, people dressed up for the night, and a dimly-lit space. I would say that this was my favorite dinner in NYC of all time; it was as if I was eating my favorite food in the middle of a club. The crowd was definitely college kids and older, so I would not suggest bringing little kids –the music is still ringing in my ears right now (but I’m not complaining!) The only downfall was that even if you have a reservation, you wait about 45 minutes at the bar until you are seated. My parents and I just danced and sipped on our drinks, so we made the most of the waiting period. The food is pricey, but well worth it; it is a steakhouse and features a variety of seafood–I would literally eat this as my last meal.

After a crazy, cool night, my parents and I ended the weekend with a relaxed brunch at Sarabeth’s. There are dozens of locations all around New York, but the menus are all the same. I have been to several of the locations, and am never disappointed. The restaurant is decorated very chicly, and the servers are always in a pleasurable mood. The drinks are divine–I felt like I was having tea with the queen. And the food… *chefs kiss.* My personal favorite choice is the crab and guacamole appetizer–which is full of fresh crab meat and homemade chips mixed with guacamole, and for my entrée, I get the seafood cobb salad (I love seafood if you can’t tell!). But, the menu offers a variety of ‘typical’ brunch meals–both breakfast and lunch options. I can’t wait to see where my parents and I review next time!

Cameron Huber

Fordham '24

I am a senior Biology major and English minor on the Pre-Medicine track at Fordham University. I love to go down the shore, workout, play with my pets, and read/write in my free time.