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New Rule: You Need to See Dua Lipa in Concert


Dua Lipa has been nothing short of on fire. Virtually everyone and their mother has heard her hits “New Rules”, “IDGAF”, “One Kiss”, and most recently “Electricity”. She’s performed everywhere from The Brits to The AMA’s to Jimmy Kimmel Live! I was lucky enough to attend one of the last shows of her self-titled tour and she did not disappoint.


She sounds even better live

I’ve been to a decent amount of concerts and it is nothing short of disappointing when the artist flops trying to recreate their album. Lipa sounds even better and is by far the best artist I’ve heard live. Her voice is deep and rich making her sound like an old school jazz performer.


Lipa has rhythm

Besides her killer vocals, the girl can dance. I’m not talking about perfectly choreographed pieces that are the same for every show on the tour- Lipa appears to be having a genuinely good time bopping around on stage just like the audience. Her dancing isn’t rehearsed, it’s what she’s feeling in the moment and gives the entire show a genuine vibe.


She’s grateful

Towards the second half of her set, Lipa took the time to thank every. single. person. That has helped her on tour; by name. Lipa was close to tears and humbled as she recalled the beginning of the tour and how she’s grown up over the past three years on the road. She even joked, “I think my face even looks different.”


Encore included

Personally, I find it annoying when a performer doesn’t return to the stage for an encore. It’s something the crowd is expecting and even looking forward to. Dua left “IDGAF” and “New Rules” as her encore songs with the best lights and effects of the entire show. As her encore started this message appeared on the main screen.

Dua wins.


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