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The New Best Show on Netflix is Here

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it makes you evaluate your life. And no, it’s not This Is Us.

Queer Eye is a spinoff of a Bravo show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy that starred 5 gay guys specializing in fashion, food & wine, grooming, culture, and interior design. They meet up with a straight guy who needs help in at least one of those areas and make him over so that he can either be a better version of himself or pursue a romantic relationship in a better way than before. Yeah, it sounds addicting already doesn’t it? 

The new version of the Fab 5 stars (from left to right) Bobby (who does literally awe-inspiring interior design), Karamo (who specializes in culture), Antoni (who teaches about cooking and healthy living), Jonathan (who is a grooming goddess), and Tan (who helps with the wardrobe styling).

The season on Netflix right now has eight different episodes that are each entirely unique and literally all of them made me tear up (sometimes ugly cry) and laugh out loud. I just want to hug each and every man they decide to help out and each and every man in the Fab 5. This team works so well together and you can tell they really care about each of their guests. 

To make things especially worth watching, each member of the QE squad has someone they relate to on a much deeper level that truly adds to the already amazing story line. For example, in episode 3, they go and visit Cory, an ex-marine and current police officer. Karamo opened up to Cory and told him how it was kind of uncomfortable to be so up close and personal with a police officer being a black man in modern day America. They had a really heartfelt discussion that cleared things up for both of them and there are examples of deep empathy and understanding in every episode. *Cue the tears.*

Another thing that really adds to the show is the seemingly nonexistent budget. If I had my way, Bobby Berk would redesign my whole life and we’d run through Ikea together, he and his husband would adopt me and we would all live happily ever after in our beautifully furnished home. I live for Bobby’s portion of the show – the reveal is like a less terrifying version of Hoarders with the same sense of relief when everything is absolutely gorgeous afterward.

Lastly, because I could write a 700 page article about why you need to watch this show, YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW FOR JONATHAN VAN NESS. He helps people feel so great about themselves by showing them how to love their own appearance and worrrrrrrrk, girl! Just like the rest of the Fab 5, he is a modern day hero and I hope he knows just how much of an impact he’s having on the guests on the show but also the viewers (me) at home who love every single thing he says. 

I mean, this really isn’t hard. Go turn on your Netflix and watch the new best show it has! You really won’t regret it, in fact, I think it’ll be your new favorite, too. 

Lauren is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a degree in Journalism and Political Science. With a career goal of being a broadcast journalist, she is spending time interning at networks such as NBC and FOX. Hobbies include writing for Her Campus and singing in Fordham's all-female a cappella group, the Satin Dolls, as well as drinking too much coffee, listening to far too many boy bands, and watching Buzzfeed Tasty videos one after another.