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Looking to get comfy, cuddle and enjoy the holiday season? Here are some of the best movies to binge as soon as finals are over (… or before)!

Home Alone

This is a must see holiday classic. Haven’t seen it?? What are you doing with your life???


Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

We go to school in this very city! What’s a better reason to watch Kevin McCallister in his extreme pranking endeavors?


The Polar Express

Curl up with your BEST hot chocolate and get ready to believe in Santa again!


The Holiday

For all you hopeless romantics, indulge in the international miracle of love during the holidays.


The Santa Clause

Another movie to jog your childhood faith :)


The Office Christmas Party

It’s exactly what you think it is.


Die Hard

Christmas on literal steroids.


While You Were Sleeping

Spoiler Alert!!! Sandra Bullock makes people fall in love with her!!



A little bit of Will Ferrell lives inside of all of us; here’s a movie about never growing up.



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