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Making the Most of Senior Year

If you’re a Senior starting your final year of undergrad college like me, you’re probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions — from excitement and enthusiasm to anxiety and apprehension. I know I surely am. 

We all know we must face the notorious “real world” once we graduate, having heard both successes and horror stories. There’s the friend that just graduated who is off teaching English in Thailand, living their best life and posting fire Instagrams, but there’s also the friend living in the basement of their childhood home waitressing at the local Applebee’s while trying to find a job on Wall Street. 

Knowing this, I’m sure we are all ready to have the time of our lives during our Senior year before the bittersweet end of our educational careers. So, follow these simple tips to ensure you make the most of your last carefree years:

1. Take advantage of what your school has to offer.

Compared to most schools, Fordham has so many different things that they provide for their students, especially because we are located in NYC. From free Broadway tickets to public speaker events on campus, take advantage of these events because it’s probably one of the last times so many cost-free events will be offered to you. Additionally, keep your eye out for the senior-specific events like all of the themed senior nights!

2. Challenge yourself in the classroom.

For most students, this is the last time you’ll be able to take any type of educational classes. Therefore, intellectually challenge yourself, take classes you normally wouldn’t take, and enjoy them! Why not learn about the history of music in the Bronx or get more in touch with yourself by taking the Psychology of Happiness?

3. Build relationships with your professors. 

This is your last chance to truly connect with one of your instructors who may be able to provide special networking opportunities once you graduate. In addition, these professors make great references for any future applications. They have a lot of knowledge that they want to pass down to their students, so let them.

4. Get involved.

You probably want to leave your mark on campus…and getting involved with on-campus activities, clubs, and organizations is the best way to do this! Getting involved also allows you to explore additional interests and may open you up to new career paths. 

5. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

It’s Senior year and your probably thinking you know all the people you want to know, or have met everyone at the school. However, I guarantee you have not. I’m sure everyday you pass an unfamiliar face on your way to class — introduce yourself and say hi, pretend to be a freshman again. Who knows, the next person you meet could be your new best friend!

6. Make memories…and document them.

Live it up! Whatever that means for you, whether its staying out late and watching the sunset on your rooftop or hitting every brunch spot in NYC, this may be the last time all your best friends are in one place. Take advantage of this and spend as much time with them as you can. And make sure to take all the snaps you can!

7. Overall, try new things!

College is supposed to be about “finding yourself” and all of those other cliché things. This is one of the last times to find something that may change your career path or what you can see yourself doing later in life. Right now, you’re not tied down to anything, you can apply for any job you want, anywhere you want, so explore new things and figure out what you really want to do! Happy Senior Year!


My name is Brianna and I am a Senior at Fordham College Rose Hill. Despite being a math major, I love to write and share my ideas.
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