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Literally Everyone Wants You To Vote

You know you’ve been told about the importance of voting, but you’ve also heard just how important it is for this election. You know, with these fine folks.

The race towards the next president has been labeled as “the most important presidential race” for months on end it seems. We narrowed it down to the two candidates in the spotlight: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as well as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein representing the Libertarian and Green parties. All of these names have been floating throughout the media looking to grab your attention and to try to pull you to one side. At this point in the game, politics have the power to make you roll your eyes – understandably so. But, in case you haven’t noticed, everyone is doing all they can to make sure you #rockthevote

Maybe it’s your school getting involved by providing a place to register to make sure your voice gets heard: 

Or perhaps you see it while you’re trying to clear the Snapchat stories clogging up your feed: 


But alas, the constant reminders and celebrities endorsements are letting you know there are ways to participate and get on board, especially when registration is virtually totally accessible.



This is a really interesting concept for millennials (and anyone, really) because often people get frustrated with the presidential elections so they refuse to vote. By doing this, you aren’t representing YOU. What you need, want and feel is best for this country will not be acknowledged at all. In addition, your votes affect the future entirely, which is something many don’t realize. The kids of the future who hope to reach college one day and make a life for themselves and fulfill their dreams could be affected by the laws and policies that get pushed by whoever gets voted into office – what if they’re everything you disagree with? What’s worse is you have the right to really make a change by submitting a vote and if you decide to skip out, you are setting this nation ten steps backward in the process of making a change as a united country.

So, whether or not you choose to pay attention to your school emails, Snapchat or your really vocal Facebook friends, get out there and vote. Your vote could help change the world. Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes to quickly research each candidate and educate yourself on their values and what they would bring to the table. Find someone you can place some faith and trust in, and vote. It has become totally impossible to not find an easy way to register. Let your voice be heard.


Lauren is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a degree in Journalism and Political Science. With a career goal of being a broadcast journalist, she is spending time interning at networks such as NBC and FOX. Hobbies include writing for Her Campus and singing in Fordham's all-female a cappella group, the Satin Dolls, as well as drinking too much coffee, listening to far too many boy bands, and watching Buzzfeed Tasty videos one after another. 
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