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Links We Love (9/23/17)

We all love sharing articles with our friends, right? Right. And since we’re all friends here, we’ve rounded up our favorite articles of the week to share with you all. 

“How I Learned to Stop Being a “Chill Girl” and Start Being Me” 

Riverdale Gets A Satanic Companion Series Starring Sabrina The Teenage Witch

27 Things Travel Agents Bring With Them On Every Trip

6 Genius Things You Should Do During The First Week At A New Job

How Long You Need To Do Cardio To Reap The Benefits For Your Body and Brain

Can Bipartisan Friendships Withstand the Age of Trump? 

Your Horoscope This Week – Refinery29 

9 Actually Fun First Date Ideas That Aren’t Just “Grabbing A Drink” 

Why You Should Stop Asking Women Whether They’ve Lost Weight

6 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Retro Fashion

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