Kristy Scheurer, GSB'17

Name: Kristy Scheurer

Major: Business Administration, concentration in Marketing

School & Year: GSB’17

Campus Involvement: Fordham Career Ambassadors, Fordham Mentoring Program

1) What has been your favorite college memory so far? I went on a study tour junior year over Winter break to Galway, Ireland. I didn’t know anyone in the class when I went, but I ended up making a good friend from it. Also, Christmas in Europe is really well done. It didn’t feel like school, it felt like vacation. 

2) What was your favorite thing about interning at Macy's? We went to the parade studio, which was really cool. I know what the float is going to be for this year’s Thanksgiving Parade. And of course, the discount. My boss was really great, the people were really great, and I learned a lot. I loved the whole experience. 

3) Favorite TV Shows: Scandal & New Girl

4) Name 5 Things You Can’t Live Without: My dog, my mom, shopping, pizza, and Dunkachino’s.

5) Can you describe what you’ll be doing at Macy’s? Over the summer, I was a financial planner, which meant that I planned the budgets for the buyers. So I gave them the amount of money they could spend on the next season’s clothing. But when I start in March, I’ll be a merchandise planner, which means I'll being allocating where the clothing should go. So if you have 200,000 bathing suits, you allocate which region in the U.S. they should go based on looking at patterns of stores. 

6) One thing that makes you scared about graduating & one thing that makes you excited? I’m scared that I’m going to have to cook for myself every night and my mom won't send me leftovers. But I’m excited to have my own apartment and be able to walk out directly into Manhattan. 

7) What’s on your Fordham Bucket List? Well I’ve never ridden the ram. I also want to ride the camels at Bronx Zoo. And I want to eat at every restaurant on Arthur Ave. Winning Bingo was on my bucket list, but I crossed that off last year. 

8) What advice do you have for Fordham freshmen? I feel like my freshman year I didn’t learn to like Fordham for a while so I would say just give it time. Everything works out in the end. If you feel like you don’t belong here, you definitely do, it just takes a little time.