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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

Peter is the Bachelor and we could not be more excited. If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch yet, but really need to get up to speed on all the latest Bachelor drama before next Monday, let me explain.

This season started out with drama and has maintained drama the whole time, but what else can you expect from a mansion full of people fighting for the same guy. There have been two major cat-fights so far, but the one that left us all reeling was #ChampagneGate. Essentially, Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne from her hometown to share with Peter. But, in true Bachelor fashion, the producers told another girl (Hannah Ann) that she could have the champagne for her own mini-date with Peter. This led to screaming, fighting, and Hannah Ann tearfully exclaiming that she would never be a champagne stealer. I know… how dare Kelsey call her a champagne stealer. Doesn’t she know that’s the worst thing a person can be? 

Our second cat-fight began when Sydney explained some of her fears about Alayah to Peter. Some of the girls in the house did not think that Alayah was on the show for the right reasons and that she was only playing it up for the cameras. This did not sit well with Peter and after some consideration, he decided not to give Alayah a rose. BUT, in a sneak peek for the next episode, it seems like Peter is going to bring Alayah back. Maybe its because she’s just so dreamy, but I guess we’ll see. 

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