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If You Loved “The Hills,” You’ll Love “Siesta Key”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

If you know that the right city in “The Girl Who Didn’t Go To …” is “Paris,” then you’re in the right place. When Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, Whitney, and Kristen came into our lives, The Hills was a staple in my household. I can quote it in my sleep, and seriously consider the series finale a pivotal moment in my adolescence. That being said, I recognize how outdated it is, and decided to give MTV’s new show, Siesta Key a shot. 

The show is set in Florida’s Siesta Key, an island off of Sarasota. It follows the “daily lives” of a group of wealthy 20-somethings during their summer in Siesta Key. With blonde bombshells and six-pack abs, what’s not to like about this scenario? There’s Juliette, who is on-again-off-again with Alex, Siesta Key’s biggest player. Then there’s Madisson, Alex’s ex, who is also back in Siesta Key for the summer. Throw in a fist-fight, a new girl, and plenty of over the top parties, and you’ve got a show.

In case I’m not making myself clear enough, this show is literally just one big drama fest of who’s dating who, and it is glorious. For newcomers, I’ve rounded up all of the major characters, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you start watching. 



Siesta Key’s most wanted. Juliette has always been the most popular, and dating Alex secured her spot at the top. 



With the biggest house on the island, Alex is the go-to guy for a party. He loves showing off, and doesn’t care who’s feelings get hurt along the way. 


Alex’s best friend, Chloe, is the most relatable character on the show. She keeps Alex in check, or tries to at least, and offers plenty of #realness to combat the drama. 


Brandon is easily the hottest guy on Siesta Key. He gets wrapped up in lots of drama, but looks mighty fine doing it if you ask me. 



An outsider from this group in high school, Garrett is dating Kelsey. Kelsey is new to Siesta Key, but Garrett knows this group is full of drama. 



Kelsey moved to Siesta Key with her family, after her mom was diagnosed with MS. A fashion model, Kelsey has worked the runway all over the world. 



Madisson was Alex’s longtime girlfriend. They are on and off, but she wants to be just friends once and for all. 


So what are you waiting for? Binge Siesta Key now on MTV.com! 


(All gifs from giphy.com via MTV) 


Christina is a member of the class of 2018 at Fordham University, pursuing a major in Communications and Media Studies. Some of her favorite things include Sex and the City re-runs, dogs and pretending Zayn is still a member of One Direction.