I Dyed My Hair Purple

I’ve always thought my brown hair was boring. It was the same as everyone else’s, so naturally, the summer before my senior year of high school, I decided it had to go. I dyed the bottom layer of my hair purple, and I haven’t been a normal brunette for more than a minute since. Up until this year, I had always dyed my hair some variation of purple.

Last semester, I decided to switch things up a bit: navy blue. Right before Spring Weekend, I sat down in my bathroom with a fine tooth comb and some hair goal instagram posts. When I dye my hair, I use the oVertone hair conditioning system. It’s not a dye, it’s a color depositing conditioner, so it puts the color over the color of my natural hair. I used the Extreme Blue color. I saturated my hair with it (starting with it dry) and let it sit for about an hour. Because there are no harsh chemicals, you can let it sit for as long as you want. The longer it stays in contact with your hair, the more vibrant your color will be. At the end of the hour, I rinsed my hair (you can even use hot water!)

My close friends are pretty used to seeing me with purple hair, so I didn’t think the blue was going to shock them all that much. People definitely noticed. I would catch people looking while I was walking to class, and friends I hadn’t seen in awhile would comment on the new shade. My mom wasn’t the biggest fan, she thought it looked too dark. I loved the way it came out, it was so dark that it almost looked black unless it was in direct sunlight. This blue moment was fun, and lasted me the summer, but now I am back to purple, and loving it. 

I also have a couple colored tattoos, so add those to my fair skin and purple hair, and you have–if I do say so myself–a pretty fantastic combination. I love being able to express myself through coloring my hair, and seriously encourage anyone who's considering doing it to just do it. Have some fun with it, and know it's only hair.