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How To Love Fordham: A Lesson From Ashley Domagola

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

If you’re looking for someone who has made the most of her four years at Fordham, search no further. Senior Ashley Domagola has taken full advantage of her time at Rose Hill, becoming an RA (shoutout to Jogues 4th floor), having some awesome internships in Manhattan (she met John Kasich!), and leading United Student Government. Read below as she reflects on some of her favorite memories as a Ram and offers some great advice to any collegiettes looking to make their college experience as great as hers. 


Why did you decide to come to Fordham?
I knew that I wanted a school that’s in a city but still had a campus.  I loved Fordham the second I stepped on campus to visit, so I applied early and the rest is history! 
What are you involved in on campus?
I’m the outgoing USG President and I’m a Resident Assistant in Salice Conley. I also went on a Global Outreach trip to Retalhuleu, Guatemala this Spring Break. 
What would you consider your biggest accomplishment as USG President?
We had a great team this year. My goal was to make sure that everyone felt supported and had the tools they needed to accomplish their goals. We definitely accomplished a lot as a group and I’m happy with how I led the group. 
How are you feeling about post-grad life? Any plans for after graduation?
I’m definitely sad to be graduating! I really love Fordham and I’ve made so many great friends here. I’m currently applying to jobs and interviewing, so hopefully I’ll know my plans soon! 
Do you have a favorite Fordham memory?
My favorite Fordham memory is definitely homecoming this year. The weather was amazing and it was such a fun day! A lot of my alumni friends came back and it was great to see them (plus the homecoming tent hotdogs were great, too). 
Do you have any advice for Fordham collegiettes who are looking to make their Fordham experience as awesome as yours?
Say yes to as many opportunities as possible! Fordham has so many great things to offer. Get involved in clubs, take advantage of trips to Manhattan, and enjoy every minute! 
Olivia is a junior at Fordham University. She is a Communications major from bright and sunny Southern California, but the East Coast is her second home. She actually does love long walks on the beach, but she also loves being a friend, sister, daughter, and aunt. Most importantly, she hopes her articles make you feel happy.