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HC Fordham Senior Staff Series: Stephanie Criscione




Eastchester, NY


Senior… don’t remind me…

What is your major? 

I’m a double in Political Science and American Studies.

Single or taken?


What made you come to Fordham?

So, ironically Fordham wasn’t my first choice for college.  My dream school waitlisted me, so I put my deposit down for Fordham, knowing I liked it but would still pursue the other school.  When they informed me they weren’t taking anyone off the waitlist, I threw myself in and decided that every experience is what you make of it.  I got to campus, signed up for clubs and auditioned for the Dance Team, and never looked back.  4 years later I don’t wanna leave!

Do you have any advice for Fordham collegiettes? 

Whatever you do, do it well and wholeheartedly.  I’m a fan of picking something or a few things and truly running with it and making it your life, instead of overwhelming yourself, doing a decent job but having an awesome looking resume.  Oh, and a planner.  Definitely invest in a planner.

What has been your favorite memory over the last four years? 

Damn, if I had to pick one I’d say it was Senior Week my sophomore year.  I was volunteering with some of my best friends to make the week amazing for a lot of people who inspired me that year.

Where’s your favorite spot on campus? 

There’s a row of desks on the fourth floor of the library that overlooks Martyrs that I really like for studying.  It’s really peaceful and pretty and reminds you to get your work done so you can go outside.

If you could relive one year at Fordham, which one would it be and why? 

My entire experience was amazing, but a few moments from sophomore year really took me for a loop, and I’d like to see if knowing what I know now and what type of person I would become two years later would change anything, and I think it would.

What is your favorite Fordham Dance Team memory? 

There’s a tie.  My junior year, we got to travel with men’s basketball to MSG for the St. John’s game.  We were on the sidelines and actually performed on the court during a timeout.  That was kind of my 15 minutes of fame.  Then there was UDA camp the summer before my senior year.  The girls who went blended extremely well; we competed both fight song and a home routine, and took home 4 trophies for the school.  

What is your ultimate goal in life?  To do what I do well.  Like I said, I’m a fan of throwing yourself into things.  So, after law school, whatever firm I go to, I want to either make partner or be able to bring my own clients with me if I start my own firm to be more accessible to my family.

What’s a surprising fact about you?

A fun fact is I’ve met Hunter Hayes 3 times, but to anyone who knows me that’s not a surprise.  A surprising fact is I had plastic surgery.  I cut the corner of my lip on a piece of furniture when I was 10, and the ER thought it would be best (aka minimal scarring and misshape) that they bring in a plastic surgeon for the stitches.  I mean, it worked!

Pick one!

Bronx Zoo or Botans? Bronx Zoo, I went there too many times as child to count.  It holds a special place in my heart.

Ice cream sundae or froyo? Can I say a 16 Handles Froyo Sundae? Cause those are the bomb.

Leonardo DiCaprio or Bradley Cooper? Bradley, Leo’s beard right now is a little skeevy.

Arthur Avenue or Fordham Road? Arthur Ave, I could live on Tino’s alone.

Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? Backstreet, Nick Carter= life.

Broadway show or Yankees game? Depends on the show and where the seats are in the respective arenas.  I know, I’m a brat.  

Lauren is a senior at Fordham University pursuing a degree in Journalism and Political Science. With a career goal of being a broadcast journalist, she is spending time interning at networks such as NBC and FOX. Hobbies include writing for Her Campus and singing in Fordham's all-female a cappella group, the Satin Dolls, as well as drinking too much coffee, listening to far too many boy bands, and watching Buzzfeed Tasty videos one after another. 
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