Harry Styles in the BBC Live Lounge: A Review

Three days ago, the world stopped. Did anyone else notice?

Okay, to clarify, three days ago Harry Styles unleashed his voice in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. He sang two of his own songs from his album which was released in May (self-titled, buy on iTunes.) But he also blessed the entire world and, as one does in the Live Lounge, covered two unoriginal songs. Let's deep dive and take an in-depth look into each of the little moments of bliss, shall we?

1. Two Ghosts

Immediate note, he played his own guitar. Which like, I have been (and will continue to be) a One Direction stan since before they released their debut album Up All Night. And let me tell you, Harry did not play the guitar. He very decidedly did not play the guitar, actually. So this (relatively) new acoustic guitar-wielding Harry has been quite a shock, albeit it a lovely one. He hums through the song as he always does, low and melancholy, switching notes from higher pitched gasps to lower croons. I am always here for a good old-fashioned Styles Changeup. We've all heard this song live before, it's sweet and heavy and that good sort of sad that sticks to your ribs and make you miss something you haven't for a while. Also, his little hums at the end are worth a watch just on their own. 

2. Sign of the Times

The one that started it all, baby. Even my brother loves this song. It's an instant classic and I am not ashamed to label it as such. I don't feel like it's a stretch to say this song must be a little difficult to sing day in and day out. Even the most talented singers may have trouble falling into that wispy falsetto that makes up the pre-chorus. But Baby Boy does it with a sense of lazy ease, simply scrunching his nose and getting down to business. Ever the showman, he even goes so far as to add riffs in places where they weren't before. He nails the bridge, belting out of the side of his mouth, and finished strong. It is indeed a sign of the times. 

3. The Chain - originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac

I would be remiss to say I didn't tear up a little bit when I saw that this was the first song he covered in the Lounge. I really (really, really) love Fleetwood Mac. Watching this with the added knowledge of Harry and Stevie's tender new friendship makes me a little more than simply emotional. He wails through the song with a calculated style and it should not go unmentioned that this song was originally sung by Christine McVie. Harry's voice somehow perfectly suits the traditionally female, musky, dark lyrics and the arresting bass that bubbles in the background of the song. Overall, a banger of a cover. I wouldn't have expected anything else. 

4. Wild Thoughts - originally recorded by DJ Khalid and Rihanna 

Unfortunately, we were not blessed with a video recording of Harry singing this song. I just hope BBC knows that I am willing to fork over obscene amounts of cash to watch Harry Styles crowd close to a mic and sings about how his "cookie's baking." In hindsight, maybe it's better that we don't have one. I do not think I would be able it. Anyways. Do I honestly have to say it for the fourth time? Harry kills the song, flays it open and makes it his own completely. His voice has this strange ability to adapt to any and every song he has the mind to sing. A TKO. 

I think I should be done now. Go watch for yourself.