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Haley Hauge, GSB ’18

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

Name: Haley Hauge

Hometown: Seattle, WA

School/Year: GSB ’18

Major/Minor: Marketing/Visual Arts

Campus Involvement: Vice President of RHA (& Director of FDM), Co-Chair of the Diversity Action Coalition, Social Justice Leader through the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice, and Marketing Coordinator for the Senior Week Committee

1. What’s your favorite thing about Fordham?

My favorite thing about Fordham is the university’s commitment to providing opportunities for its students to explore. The combination of a Jesuit education in New York City opens so many doors for one to grow and truly become their best self. Personally, as a Gabelli student, I have been grateful for the liberal arts core curriculum and the effort on Fordham’s part to ensure I leave school as a well-rounded individual. I love marketing and am confident in my major, but I am always eager to explore new subject matters. Though I’m not religious, one of my favorite experiences at Fordham so far has been traveling to Washington D.C. with Campus Ministry for the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice to advocate for criminal justice reform and compassionate immigration policies. I would never have even considered an opportunity like this without my theology core classes. Similarly, I never would have interned in the Humanities Institute at the New York Botanical Gardens had it not been for my liberal arts education and Fordham’s engagement with all that New York has to offer.

2. What are some things people might be surprised to learn about you?

I tap dance (and still take classes downtown when I can). I used to teach art lessons for elementary school children and the elderly, and some of my personal art work is hanging in the Seattle Aquarium.

3. Fordham Dance Marathon is coming up on February 25th! What do you want people to know about FDM and how can they get involved? 

FDM is THIS Saturday from 12pm to 12am in McGinley Second!! Definitely grab some friends and head over because we have a packed day of different events with our B+ Heroes, various athletic teams, student performing groups, etc. (I’ve had to rearrange the schedule several times in the last week because every time I think it’s done, another group reaches out and wants to get involved – such a good problem to have). I would also highly encourage everyone to sign up ahead of time and start fundraising online. The best way to get involved is to send emails and spread awareness of The B+ Foundation and the amazing work they do!

4. What is the most challenging and most rewarding thing about being Vice President of RHA and Director of FDM?

As Vice President of RHA, I’m responsible for overseeing the Philanthropy Series as a fundraiser for The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation (bepositive.org) – an organization which fights to end pediatric cancer through research, advocacy, and direct family assistance. All of the money raised from our various events culminates in the FDM reveal at the end of the event to support this admirable cause! This year our fundraising goal is $70,000, a big jump from last year.

Approaching the $20k difference in goals as well as marketing FDM to a larger and more diverse audience was definitely a big challenge when stepping into this role. To try and tackle this, I worked with some of my fellow FDM Chair Members to creatively think of a new event to add to The Series to bring in more money for FDM. We were lucky to stumble on the opportunity to bring Sammy Adams for a benefit concert on campus but unfortunately, after close to 150+ hours of planning, the event fell through last minute. Picking myself up from that fall was definitely difficult, but it turned out to be one of the most enlightening experiences I have had. I know that all of the work that went into this possible concert will not be wasted and it paves the way for so many opportunities moving forward! It’s incredible to realize the difference students such as myself are able to have on this campus. The most rewarding thing about being in this position is knowing that each year, FDM and Fordham’s contribution to spreading the mission of The B+ Foundation will grow exponentially. Oddly enough, I cannot wait for a day when people laugh at how small the event was in 2017.

As FDM nears, I continually am so grateful to work with such inspirational and gracious people on the RHA Executive Board, RHA General Board, and FDM Committee. I am so proud of all of the hard work I have seen everyone put into supporting this cause and truly living the FDM mission of “by our students, for our heroes”. Though we set an ambitious goal, I think we are on track to reach it because of these incredible individuals!

5. Tell us about your involvement with The Met and what you like about it?

I am a Committee Member of the Met College Group at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! This position has been hands-down one of my favorite experiences since moving to New York. The committee works out of both the Education and Audience Development departments to help engage new communities with the museum. Unfortunately, The Met has been going through some transitions this past academic year so the group has not been as active, but last year I was there once or twice a week helping with various events and strategic outreach. One of the best parts of the position has been working with so many different people across the different realms of the museum, as well as meeting students from all around New York City – some of whom are now my closest friends! I look forward to the group becoming much more active again in the near future and making the most of this exciting and unique experience!

6. Favorite Fordham memory?

It’s so hard to pick just one! My freshman year, Urban Plunge, really set the tone for all of my experiences at Fordham so that’s something I think back on often. I’ve also loved being an Urban Plunge Assistant for the last two years. The mission and values of the program are really so essential when it comes to respecting our Bronx community as well as our peers on campus. It’s so exciting to see an incoming freshman’s entire perception change and guide them through their time at school.

7. Guilty pleasure?

Going up to Bronxville for a few hours and getting my nails done, then picking up dumplings and Slave to the Grind coffee on the way back to campus. It’s pretty basic but it always puts me in a great mood.

8. Last show you binge-watched?

Over winter break I watched Westworld but recently I’ve been watching a lot of OITNB.

9. If you could pick three celebrities to be part of your squad, who would they be?

It was a tough decision but I would pick Joe Biden, Cara Delevingne, and Shaun White.

10. What advice would you give to fellow collegiettes who are looking to make the most of their Fordham experience?

Take the necessary time to reflect on everything you’re doing and find your perfect balance! Focus on your commitments but don’t forget about academics and, most importantly, to make time for yourself and your friends. Fordham has so many opportunities to get involved and try new things (both on and off-campus in NYC) so make sure to stay involved for the right reasons. You will never be short of something to do!

Another piece of advice I would give is to never be scared to ask questions. In order to make the most of any experience, you need to have the best possible understanding of your environment. Administrators, Deans, professors, etc. are all here to help you do your absolute best – utilize what they know and make sure you are making educated and informed decisions as you try to do more and more on or off-campus!

Sophia is a sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in Marketing and minoring in Film & Television at Fordham University. When she is not in class you can find her watching Survivor, listening to true crime podcasts, or wandering around New York City in search of her next favorite sweet treat.