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Festive Outfits For St. Patrick’s Day

As much as I love St. Patrick’s Day in all it’s glory, I always find myself struggling to find a nice outfit to wear to the festivities. Bright green isn’t really a color I often choose to wear, so I decided to find other ways in which we can still look cute while also being festive.


Incorporate green into your outfit

If you already own a piece of green clothing, perfect! If you don’t and want to go shopping for one there are some funny St. Patty’s t-shirts you can find online, or you can go for a plaid dark green shirt, or a green sweater. Theses are pieces that you can buy to wear on St. Patty’s Day but that you can also use afterwards. 


(Find this tee on Etsy

(Plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters

(Sweater from Boogzel)


If you’re not a fan of green clothing I have the perfect solution for you! Go to the Party City across the street and capitalize on the accessories. The brighter and bigger the better, headbands, hats, big green sunglasses! These accessories will make the day just that more fun, and you don’t have to worry in spending too much money, because they are super affordable and you can always save them for next year. 

Green Makeup

If you’re really in the spirit and want to go all in i’d say green makeup is the way to go. At Party City you can find green paint and it is only a matter of being creative with it! Stripes down your face, hammocks, or even green sparkly eyelids are some of the options to make your festive look pop.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 


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