Discover Your Perfect Fall Jacket

Autumn is the season of fluctuating temperatures.  One day could be 70 degrees with sunny skies, while the next day could be 40 degrees with high wind chills.  It is that awkward in-between phase where it is cold enough to wear a jacket, but not cold enough to put on your big winter coat.  So prepare yourself for this crazy, unpredictable weather with the most popular jackets seen this season.  All coats and jackets come in a diverse selection and complement many different styles.  Find out which one is the perfect match for you based on your favorite look!


1. Edgy, Rocker Chic: Leather



2. Laid-Back, Casual: Denim



3. Sophisticated, Chic: Trench



4. The Sporty Tomboy: Military



5. The Girly-Girl: Skirted Peacoat



6. The Diva: Faux Fur