CSA's Pokémon Carnival


This week, Fordham's Lincoln Center Commuting Students' Association (CSA) hosted a Pokémon Carnival! If the participants won the carnival games, they received Pokémon badges to be exchanged for raffle tickets. CSA's e-board members announced prizes throughout the night. Some prizes included Pokémon plush toys and MetroCards.

No carnival is complete without candy! Sandwiches and popcorn were also offered throughout the night for the carnival-goers. A crowd favorite was the claw machine filled with chocolate and small Pokémon figurines.

Who's that Pokémon? The CSA provided a cardboard cutout of the Pokémon guessing game for carnival-goers to snap photos with.

Ekans Ring Toss, based on the serpentine Pokémon Ekans, required participants to toss rings onto the game's poles for a badge and a chance to win a prize.

Is that Meowth or a CSA senator? It's no surprise that this feline Pokémon made an appearance at a carnival hosted by the CSA, whose mascot is a cat. P.S. Check out that Pikachu balloon in the background!

The CSA had to pull some strings to get Pikachu, Ash, and Squirtle to make an appearance at the Pokémon Carnival. The photo booth is always a fan favorite at the CSA events. 

Participants were required to drop at least one disk into the 5 spot on the disk drop board to win a badge. It sounds easy enough but the disks are prone to flying off the board.

Feed the Snorlax required carnival-goers to toss beanbags into the sleeping Pokémon's mouth two out of every three tries to win a badge. Participants loved this game and kept coming back for more.

Crowds gathered in the student lounge to participate in the football toss game. Slingshots and archery were also available to carnival-goers in the student lounge.