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Commuter Student Appreciation Week: Throwback Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

From Monday, November 13 until Friday, November 17, the Commuting Students Association (CSA) of Fordham College at Lincoln Center hosted their annual Commuter Student Appreciation Week (C-SAW). C-SAW is an entire week filled with fun activities for all undergraduate students to celebrate the presence of commuter students on campus. All week long, CSA had amazing events to offer that emphasized this year’s throwback theme. All things 80s, 90s, and early 00s. Oh yeah.

The week kicked off with an outing to Chinatown Fair on Monday. CSA allowed students to sign up to join them on their outing to an old-school arcade. This event totally channeled the good old days, just trying to have some fun without a worry in the world beyond trying to earn enough tickets to win that awesome prize behind the counter. You know the one I’m talking about.


On Tuesday, CSA hosted a throwback trivia night on campus. Students were able to test their knowledge of arguably the greatest decades at this event. Filled with finish-this-Backstreet-Boys-lyric questions, laughter, and competition, this throwback trivia occasion was nothing if not good times.


On Wednesday, students were invited to sign up for a dinner outing to Big Daddy’s, a retro diner with delicious food options. Nothing screams throwback like a good burger and shake. Channel your inner Kel Mitchell right now. Say it with me: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”

On Thursday, CSA hosted one of their classic coffee breaks and brought a little bit of Thanksgiving into the throwback mix. With food from Boston Market, students gathered to share a meal and learn a little bit about food shortages across the world, giving just another reason for why we should be thankful this holiday season. On Thursday evening, CSA hosted an outing for duet karaoke. All the greatest songs in one night is the dream.


All of C-SAW’s amazing and fun events culminated in the most anticipated event of the whole week on Friday – UrbaNight. This on-campus event is CSA’s biggest event of the year, and it invites students to unwind at the end of the week while playing fun games, dancing to great music, and trying to get awesome prizes.

Some of the game stations included the cup-stacking challenge, rock ‘em sock ‘em robots, the ring toss, and hungry, hungry hippos. For each game a student won, they were given some raffle tickets to try to win some of the fantastic prizes, which included Amazon gift cards and a lava lamp, among other items.

There were plenty of free giveaways like slap bracelets, yo-yos, fruit roll-ups, and temporary tattoos. If this isn’t screaming childhood, I don’t know what is.

Dinner featured delicious Italian food. One word: pasta – so much good pasta. The music featured all of your favorite songs from back in the day, including Britney Spears and *NSYNC. It was a real Aaron’s Party.

Perhaps the most enticing feature of the whole event was the photo booth. Against a brick wall graffitied backdrop, students could take pictures after choosing from a wide array of photo props like logos from All That, Friends, and Clueless and cardboard wigs like Angelica’s hair from Rugrats.

Overall, CSA’s C-SAW was a success and a great way to pay our respects to the good old days.

Miranda is a commuter junior at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus, where she majors in English and minors in psychology, and is a commuter freshman mentor. Born and raised in New Jersey, she loves everything about the garden state, from the endless highways to the excess of diners. She's an aspiring writer and hopes to have a career as a director for first year experience at a university someday.