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Chance the Rapper, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment

Let’s get one thing straight: Chance the Rapper is one of my favorite artists. I’m a fan of his music, especially his work with friend and producer, Donnie Trumpet (aka Nico Segal), and the band, The Social Experiment. After being unable to see Chance at Webster Hall on Tuesday, the Wednesday morning after brought good news. They announced they were having a secret surprise show at SOBs (Sounds of Brazil) that night and it was the band’s first show in New York City. After a couple stressful exams and a growing love for their music, I knew I had to go and so once it was publicized, I quickly bought tickets for my friend and I. The show itself sold out in 45 minutes and there were probably less than 400 people able to get tickets. That said, some magic happened. Brooklyn-based group, Phony Ppl, opened the show with their unique beat at around ten in the evening. An hour and 30 minutes later, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiement (Chance, included) took the stage. That’s what it was, really. It was not Chance’s show, although the majority of atendees went for him. It was The Social Experiment’s, a band that he is only part of, and the front was Donnie Trumpet. The show was about friendship and it showed. From jazzy, trumpet tunes to Chance’s ad-libs, it was also one of the best shows I’ve seen. They weren’t lacking in the special acts department either. They brought out Elle Varner who sings on their song, “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur” and two-time Grammy winner pianist Robert Glasper. After the show,  I realized that everyday can truly be wonderful with The Social Experiment on stage. 

Look out for the band’s debut album, SURF.

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