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To Celebrate a New Baby: 5 Reasons We Love Eric and Jessie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fordham chapter.

If you haven’t heard, Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker are expecting baby number three! As if we don’t already love these two, another baby on the way is just too much.  Here are our top five reasons we love to love them. 

1. They both support each other’s insane careers. Eric is a wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans. It’s already so cool to be married to an NFL player, but Jessie has, and has always had, a crazy career of her own. On top of being a mom to Vivi and Eric Jr., JJD is a country singer, has her own fashion line called “Kittenish” and is also serving as executive producer of their hit reality show “Eric and Jessie.”

2. Their physical appearances are utterly flawless. Neither of them have single imperfection. Even with Eric’s new mustache, I’m like “it’s fine, everything is good.”

3. Their Instagram captions only solidify how crazy they are for each other. And also how funny they are. They make married life seem like a breeze.  Here are some examples of their steamy Instagram captions:

4. They have a foundation, Eric and Jessie Decker Foundation, that trains and then gives dogs to Veterans in need of service dogs. “Decker Dogs” build a better world for military service members, veterans, and animals. Come on. 

5. Vivi and Bubby are so cute. The fact that their making another one is overwhelming. Usually my intuition about these kinds of things is spot on, but for me this came out of left field. I was honestly content with a girl and a boy. Now that there is going to be a third, life is about to get a lot more exciting… for me. Best of luck with the newest Decker Edition! We love you guys!

(Photos from @JessieJamesDecker on Instagram)