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Campus Couture: Silvia Marte, FCRH ’12

Fordham Fashionista of the Week!

Name: Silvia Marte

Major: Sociology with a minor in Business

Hometown: Washington Heights, NY
What are some of your hobbies and interests? I am the co-Vice president of Fashion for Philanthropy, Fordham’s club for those interested in fashion and charity. When I have time on weekends, I like belly dancing. Who knew you could get so good from watching YouTube videos? Haha. I love reading magazines too; Elle and Baazar are my favorites. Also, I am really into old school hip hop and R&B. I’ve been listening to a lot of Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Adele, The Pharcydes, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco and Bow Wow.
How do you describe your style? I’d say my style generally has an ‘all around the globe’ type of feel. A lot of the time, I’ll dress on how I am feeling that day. When I’m feeling sophisticated, I’ll wear a laxer, but when I’m feeling more fun and flirty, I like wearing brighter things (especially on rainy days, it brightens up my mood!).
What is one accessory you can’t live without? I love blazers! When you have a dull outfit, wearing a blazer spices it up! I have a lot of blazers in different colors.

What’s your fashion motto? Keep living it up with colors! Don’t worry about the weather! I feel that experimenting with colors not only updates your look, but it brightens up your attitude as well.

Who are your favorite designers & where are your favorite places to shop? I love Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg. They always have interesting looks in their runway shows. I also think Ralph Lauren is amazing. I like how his style combines elegance and sassiness.

Any celebrities whose style you admire?I admire Kim Kardashian’s style. I really love her style and how she keeps it classy and sophisticated in some cases but then knows how to be sexy and glamorous in a lot of the cases. I also love her because I have a similar curvy upper body like hers and looking at her gives me a lot of tips on how to embrace my figure but still look classy and stylish.
How will you carry your style over into the spring and summer? I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer dresses so that’s obviously a must-have! Maybe pair it up with a nice bright color blazer when it gets chilly. I really like booties with stockings and oxford shoes are sooo stylish and comfy at the same time. I really like a lot of styles so I am basically going to combine anything that I like (that’s colorful) and experiment!

Have you ever worn something you regret wearing now? I regret a LOT of my outfits. Back then, I wasn’t really stylish or knew what looked good on my body so I usually went for outfits that looked good on other girls but looked awful with my body figure. I also went for the name belts and the dollar ‘chancletas’ that came in every color! You live and you learn and I’m glad I went over that phase and now know better!
What tips do you have for Fordham students who want to switch up their style? Play around with accessories. You can make a statement with some jewelry or hat that stands out from the rest of your outfit. It’s a great way to spice up your style without going too far.

All Photos by Elizabeth Ponce De Leon

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