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As the sun fills your room and your eyes open, the world invites you to start your day. Snuggled in your warm comforter, you instinctively reach for your phone, beginning your morning scroll, journeying from Instagram to TikTok to VSCO and ending with Snapchat.

You embark on your day unconsciously comparing yourself with others on social media. It is so important to take a moment and acknowledge how discouraging social media can be. Pictures and videos on social media create unrealistic beauty expectations. They are often photoshopped, and people use poses to avoid showing their rolls or their cellulite.

While everything may look “perfect,” it is not real life. We have to stop comparing ourselves to standards that do not even exist. Our bodies were never meant to be aesthetics. In contemporary society, it has become the norm to dwell on our insecurities, focusing on aspects of our physical appearance that we dislike and would do anything to fix.

Today, we change our fate. We become bold by proactively loving our bodies and accepting ourselves for the people we are. We consciously make the decision to see our beauty.

Although this is way easier said than done, there are attitudes and practices that we can strive to incorporate into our everyday lives.

Instead of grabbing your phone as soon as you re-enter the world from a night’s slumber, salute your morning with gratitude. List off a couple of reasons why you are thankful for your body.

Even though it can be difficult sometimes, I try to think of all the silver linings. While some days all I see is acne and stretch marks, I remind myself of how resilient my body is. All of our bodies are constantly going through different types of stress, whether that is physical, hormonal, or emotional. The way we talk to ourselves matters. There is power in positivity.

Every day, from the moment we wake up, we have to make it a habit to celebrate our bodies, looking beyond the realm of social media. Be bold.

Hi everyone! I'm double majoring in Psychology and Anthropology as well as minoring in Bioethics at Fordham. I am very passionate about mental health awareness.
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