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Let’s get planting!

The last Friday in April is best known for Arbor Day, but until now I never knew what it was exactly, especially since Earth Day was always the focus in school. While Arbor Day and Earth Day are linked, much less focus is placed on Arbor Day. I think it’s time to celebrate our planet’s growth!

Things to know about Arbor Day:

  • Falls on the last Friday in April
  • Goes beyond environmental awareness
  • Promotes actual action, specifically the planting trees

So what will you do this April 26th? I recommend planting a tree, reading a book about trees & trying to identify different types in your area, or going on a hike to enjoy the outdoors. Become active in your community! Create a tree planting program in your area, organize a town-wide tree search, get the kids involved, produce skits or plays on trees, host a town-wide tree party with baked goods! Focus on a public park or other area in need of cleaning/recycling or planting. Doing major work in a smaller area makes a BIG difference.

This Arbor Day, I will be playing my part by planting a tree in my backyard at home. Next year, I hope to better prepare for Arbor Day and arrange a town-wide planting event! See what you can do in your own school community or at home! 

Emily Dwelle

Fordham '21

Fordham University Senior. History Major and Marketing and Journalism Minors. Preschool Volunteer and interests in social issues and entertainment. HerCampus Tutor, Writer, Photography Director.