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7 Best Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your College Apartment

Your living space can have a big impact on your mood, which is why it's essential that you decorate it exactly how you want. Your apartment is where you'll spend a lot of your time so it should feel cozy and like home. Here are some ways that you style it on a budget. 


Tapestries can take up any empty wall space you may have and they're typically inexpensive. There are plenty of designs to choose from so you can pick one that goes best with the color scheme of your place. 

Accent Chair

Accent chairs not only add another place to sit, but also are beneficial for decorative purposes. Additionally, get a throw pillow and/ or blanket for a stylish touch.

Key Holder

A key holder will make it so that no one in your apartment forgets to grab their keys when running out the door.

Coffee Cart

I'm a huge coffee fan and so are my roommates, which is why we knew that we needed to have a cart for all coffee items. You can use this cart to keep your Keurig, mugs, creamers, etc. All your coffee essentials will be in one place so you don't have to make numerous unnecessary trips to the kitchen while making your morning cup of coffee. 

Big Mirrors

Mirrors are essential as they let you check how your outfit looks before you go out. Mirrors can also make your room appear bigger, which can help if your apartment is on the smaller side.


Rugs take up so much space and can add so much to the room. They can create a comforting and inviting sitting area for everyone to relax; however, rugs can be expensive. Look for inexpensive options on Amazon. 

String Lights

Lights can brighten up a dull room so consider putting them up in your apartment. They can help set the mood and aid in de-stressing from school work. 

Your college apartment should be both a relaxing and comforting environment. Decorate it to make truly feel like home for you and your roommates to live and spend time together!

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