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5 Movies You Should See in March

Awards season is over, but who’s to say going to the movie theater shouldn’t still be your weekend hobby? Here are the top movies you should see this March. ​

1. Black Panther

Self-explanatory. The all-around bad-assery that encompasses everything about this movie should be reason enough. Wakanda forever.

2. Love, Simon

According to Buzzfeed, “The plot follows Simon, played by Nick Robinson, a gay teenage boy who has not yet come out to his friends and family. However, upon discovering that another boy at his school is keeping the same secret, Simon realizes he ALSO deserves a great love story.” Count me in.

3. A Wrinkle in Time

Based on the book you definitely read as a kid. This movie is literally jam-packed with star power and directed by the visionary Ava Duvernay, so it’s a must. 

4. Thoroughbreds

This seems like a dark horse, Heathers-esque thriller that we need. It’s for sure going to be a little off that wall, but what harm could that possibly cause? 

5. Tomb Raider

I’m normally an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” kind of person, but I am also a huge Alicia Vikander fan, so I will 100% be making my way to the theater to see this movie. It looks to be a riotously wild ride that is sure to be chock full of good, old-fashioned Lara Croft action.  


Grab your Movie Pass (seriously, you should have one) and get going.

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